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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What are the delivery charges for orders in the Philippines
  • Luzon: 500g - 1kg: Php 225
  • Luzon: 1kg - 2kg: Php 325
  • Luzon: 2kg - 4kg: Php 650
  • Provinces outside Luzon: 500g - 1kg: Php 295
  • Provinces outside Luzon: 1kg - 2kg: Php 375
  • Provinces outside Luzon: 2kg - 4kg: Php 750
  • Meet up in Puerto Galera: FREE!

For Puerto Galera customers that would like to take advantage of our Free meet-up delivery service: once your order and payment method has been confirmed, we will contact you via your cell number and/or email to arrange a convenient meet-up in Puerto Galera, to get you your goodies!

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept instant electronic payments via Credit Cards (No existing PayPal account needed) and PayPal

Remittance payments can be made via Palawan Pawnshop, M Lhuillier, LBC and Western Union, LBC.

easy payment methods
How long will delivery take?

Orders are processed within approximately 24 hours of payment confirmation, if we have biltong in stock. Each batch sells out very quickly, but you can check the homepage or the product page, for announcement of when the next batch is ready for shipping. Fresh batches are usually ready for shipping each Thursday.

We ship our biltong with LBC. After your order is given to LBC, delivery times are usually 24 hours to Luzon, and 1-3 days for regions further away.

How should I store my biltong?

Once you have opened your sealed biltong pack, the biltong is best kept in a paper bag inside your ref for short term storage (up to a week or 2). In a dry environment like a ref, your biltong will simply continue to slowly dry out the longer it is kept like that. For your convenience, we provide a suitable paper bag and printed reminder of storage instructions with every order.

We do not recommend storing it inside a sealed bag or container, as this creates a damp environment in which white mold may begin to appear. BUT if you do see a little white mold starting, you can wipe it off with vinegar, and it is completely safe to eat. If you allow your biltong to spoil, and see green mold on it, this should definitely NOT BE EATEN.

For long term storage, biltong can be frozen for months at a time, and will still be perfect when defrosted. Ideally it should be in a vacuum sealed bag to prevent freezer burn, or alternately in a ziploc bag with as much of the air squeezed out as possible.

How secure is my information? Is my data protected?

Electronic payments are processed through Paypal, so we never see any of your confidential payment information. Your shipping information is treated as highly confidential and your details will never be shared or sold to third parties.

Additionally our website is protected with SSL encryption, so any information you provide when placing an order, cannot be intercepted by third parties.

What exactly happens after ordering?

As soon we have confirmation of your payment, your order will be processed and sent for delivery.

Customers making instant electronic payments

Your order will be processed and ready for shipping within approximately 24 hours.

Customers paying by remittance

You will need to follow the instructions provided after checking out, and send us the relevant remittance information, so we can confirm / collect payment. Remittance orders will not be processed until confirmation / collection of payment.

Puerto Galera customers paying by COD

We will contact you via your cell number and/or email to arrange a convenient meet-up in Puerto Galera, to get you your goodies, and recieve your payment.

Safe & Easy ordering with Online / offline payment